Internet Makes Me Chat with a Lot of People Anytime

Internet Makes Me Chat with a Lot of People Anytime

Hi everyone, have you checked your social media account today? I like to use internet connection and open my social media account, to post my pictures and share my experiences. As a blogger, influencer, and traveller, I use to contact a lot of people via social media and email, in my daily life.

In this information and technology era, we use to communicate by Internet Fixed Broadband, by social media messages, email, etc. Online communication is really easy because we just need to use a gadget which is connected to internet provider. No need to use a big room to make a meeting because we can use an application and join an online meeting.

My Life as a Blogger and Influencer

As a blogger and influencer, I work with internet connection. That’s why I need Internet Fixed Broadband with a stable connection. If the connection is OK, I can open my blog and write my experiences and thought there, fastly. I can also visit my friend’s blog and read their stories, and chat with them privately.

While as an influencer, I use to share my pictures while travelling. I am not a travel guide nor a full-time travel blogger, but I wish I can travel around the world and see the beauty of Indonesia in my daily life. I upload my picture while climbing a mountain or visiting a beach. That’s why I need internet provider which is support my mobility while travelling.

Chatting with Clients

I use internet in my daily life and Internet Fixed Broadband IndiHome helps me to communicate with brands and clients, fluently. I can use a chatting application to asked them, “what is the job’s briefing?”. While they want to communicate intensively, I can ask for virtual meeting, so I can understand the brief, fastly.


Internet provider helps me so I can have a virtual meeting at home. I don’t need to go to client’s office to meet him. I get so many advantages from my job as a blogger and influencer. Many brands call me and they want to give endorse. Internet provider support me because we can do chatting and virtual meeting anytime.

Communicating with My Daughter

As a mother, I want to have a good relationship with my daughter and other family members. In my daily life, I try to cook for my family, so they can eat homemade meals happily. I also try to build communication in a good way with my daughter. We use to watch a movie together at home, that’s why we need Internet Fixed Broadband Indihome for streaming.


My daughter is already a teenager, but I drive her to school almost everyday. When I am travelling, I chat with her every day. She needs to know that her mother loves her very much. I can chat with her happily with an internet connection.

Thank you, Internet!

Thank you internet! With a stable connection of Internet Fixed Broadband, IndiHome, I can chat with anyone. I use internet from Telkom Group in my daily life and communicate with my daughter. I also chat with a lot of clients and they give me jobs regularly. As a blogger, influencer, and mother, internet provider saves me to have a work-life balance.

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